Change Management

Modern and innovative HR solutions that are geared to meet your business requirements with minimum staffing disturbance

With any business, organisational change is an essential development tool to ensure the organisation survives and is competitive. Any successful business will at some stage consider what the next step will be e.g. growth, or how to manage in hard times (particularly in the current recession). Your workforce requirements are a key increment in these situations and inviting Merlin HR to an early intervention, we guarantee this will be profitable for your organisation in deciding what to do next.

Merlin HR have a great deal of experience with Managing change in organisations and we are confident that we can offer you solutions so that your business is making the right decisions. This can include assessing your current workforce requirements to meet the change as and when it happens e.g. what % of the workforce is required to be permanent, or temporary, which allows you the flexibility to change whenever this required. We are experienced in understanding the legal requirements particularly with the use of permanent and agency workers and can highlight any risks or legal implications that you have with managing a flexible workforce.

All organisation whether large or small need to reassess constantly the management of the workforce they employ, and if changes are required to terms and conditions great care needs to be used to ensure appropriate consultation occurs e.g. changes to: pay, pension schemes, benefit schemes, productivity schemes, or the introduction to management systems deemed to improve workforce “presenteism” (attendance at work) and productivity. Merlin HR can advise you how to do this successfully and we do have solutions that can help your workforce buy into the change which minimises disruption.

We guarantee that a business partnership with Merlin HR can only benefit your business whether the relationship is short or long term.

For more information please feel free to make contact to discuss your requirements or to test our expertise.